This page attempts to document certain aspects of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Mayhem for the GBA.


Memory domain is "Combined WRAM" unless noted otherwise.


This game's character-related addresses all change from room to room. The address for Scooby is obtained by: Character pointer - 0x02000000
where "0x02000000" is a value, not an offset. The equivalent lua code would be
local char = memory.read_s32_le(addressptr) - 0x02000000
Once Scooby's addresses are located, offset it by +/-0xBC for Shaggy's. Since it's random, use the pointer 0x0130C0 to find Shaggy's instead similar to above.


With base being
local char = memory.read_s32_le(addressptr) - 0x02000000
0x0CDoublewordFixed point 16.16X positionCan also display as Unsigned
0x10DoublewordFixed point 16.16Y positionCan also display as Unsigned
0x14DoublewordSignedX SpeedLeft (Negative); Right (Positive)
0x18DoublewordSignedY SpeedUp (Negative); Down (Positive)
0x38ByteSignedGround flag1 (Ground); 5 (Air)
0x49ByteSignedSneaking flag0 (Normal); 1 (Sneaking)



0x00ASM logo
0x01Language Select (Only in (E), crashes in (U))
0x02Stage intro dialogue (Library)
0x03Stage intro dialogue (Milton Bros Studio)
0x04Stage intro dialogue (Lab)
0x05Stage intro dialogue (Wild West)
0x06Stage intro dialogue (Bayou)
0x07Stage intro dialogue (Lab)
0x08Stage intro dialogue (Lab)
0x09Game over
0x0AStage intro + Menu
0x0CStage intro dialgoue (Van)
0x0D - 0x1ELibrary
0x1F - 0x2EMilton Bros Studio
0x2F - 0x43Wild West
0x44 - 0x51Bayou
0x52 - 0x5ELab
0x61Developed by
0x62Options menu
0x63Options menu (Library background)
0x64Options menu (Milton Bros Studio background)
0x65Options menu (Wild West background)
0x66Options menu (Bayou background)
0x67Options menu (Lab background)
0x68Load game
0x69THQ logo
0x6BWarner Bros logo


Small ghost16not worth stopping for
Medium ghost44not easy to dodge; almost always forced to take it
Large ghost88ignore it
Book ghost?It's movement is based on a timer; They also vanish once you get the book
Mummy88Ignore it
poltergeist44They can shoot projectiles
KnightN/ACannot absorb; ignore
Dust Devil88Required to kill to proceed
Dust Devil boss122Required to kill to proceed
Zombie88High HP + they come back
Fire ghost44Will not reach 0 HP until the fire is gone
Final fire ghost44splits into 3 meds which all split into 2 smalls each
GuardN/AAll progress for that room is reset if caught
ScientistsN/AThey can shoot very short ranged projectiles; quite harmless


Speed build up via switching characters

  1. Press select
  2. At the very last frame of the high-five animation, press select again.
  3. Move to the opposite end of whichever direction you wish to go
  4. Press select twice at the end of the high-five animation
Note: If you already did this before in the room, step 2 must be delayed by an extra frame.
You will then get dragged into the animation, and gain tens of thousands of speed. This can be chained multiples times as well. After step 4, if select is pressed again at the end of that high-five as well, you will swap characters, then get flung a bit further. This can be done over and over to separate Shaggy and Scooby far apart, allowing 200,000+ speed to be obtained.
A final note is that you can skip over enemies, certain obstacles, checkpoints, and objects like this, but solid walls cannot be bypassed.

Walls and speed

If you collide into a wall, your speed instantly resets to 0, regardless of its previous value.

Clipping into a slope

By building up speed at a certain angle, you will clip into it. Press the opposite direction to move further in. In certain cases, the slope cannot be clipped further in after the initial clip.

Reduces recoil from enemies

Hitting an enemy/damaging object at a certain angle or at high speeds eliminates the character from saying "Ouch", and reduces the "knockback" effect.

Preserving speed

Cart scenes

Your speed caps at 1113. Landing, getting hit, and jumping does not slow you down. Going over then edge and slopes do, however. Since taking damage has no effect in this part, it is preferred to get hit rather than encounter any slowdown.

Everywhere else

If you need to get hit by an obstacle, be sure to either reduce the knockback, or if that cannot be done, turn around before getting hit.
Landing briefly slows you down, so try to avoid going into the air too much.

Manipulating undead

Bookcase ghosts

They run at a timer. Triggering them at different times cause them to "float" up lower and attack sooner, before repeating back.

With Book of Doom

Use the book at the opposite direction, and all undead will move away from it horizontally.


Either going near them, or go close then jump over. Delay entering rooms is possible, but often takes too long in comparison.

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