This page uses the term "input frame" often. This is because the game on average lags every other frame. Action only happens on input frames.



Going by unicycle (Indra)




When crouching for a frame on the ground, you get instant max upwards speed 8.0 and 13.0 sideways speed.

Turning around

Turning around does not seem to affect speed or hitbox at all. It only affects which direction you fire (obviously), if you kick an enemy or not (only those in front of you) and what part of the screen is shown.
Collision detection is only made for objects shown on the screen. Because of this, you can drop a bomb which travels along the ground, and turn around so it passes an enemy without hurting it.

Other boosts

The game has a separate velocity to keep track of boosts that are caused by the environment. This velocity goes down 1 px/input frame^2.


There are 8 weapons you can wield. Your unicycle and airship fire separately, only the unicycle can be controlled.
Weapon Damage per shotEnergy per shotRate of fireDamage per input frame
Pulse rifle 1 N/A every 5 frames 0.2
Flame 1 16 every 2 frames 0.5
Bomb 12+1[1] 256 every 32 frames0.406
Blue laser 1+1 32 or 64 [2] every 4 frames 0.5
Falcon [3] [3] [3] erratic
Green laser 100 3968 (all of it)energy limitation2 or 0.88[4]
Plasma (spread shot) 10 256 every 24 frames0.417
Shield 1 16? [5]0.5[5]
Indra (unicycle) 1 N/A every 5 frames 0.2
Indra while joined 1 N/A every 3 frames 0.333
Eos (airship) 4 N/A erratic erratic
[1]: The bomb does 1 damage, the blue cream does 12. So only a direct hit scores 13.
[2]: The blue laser autoaims if you hold the button. The energy usage is then 32/4 input frames. If you tap the button it doesn't autoaim. The energy usage is then 32/8 frames.
[3]: The falcon is a bit weird. Energy usage is 64 to release the bird, 2 per input frame after that, 64 every time it does damage. Every other frame the bird creates a shadow which has the damage of the latest projectile fired (so you can fire the rifle to set this value to 1, best is if the airship fires so it turns to 4). There are max 3 shadows. The damage is 2 every other input frame, plus the value of all shadows, which are then removed.
[4]: The green laser (also called Proton Cannon) takes 64 input frames to start up, and then fires for 50 input frames, with 2 damage every input frame. If the start-up is included, it is 0.88 per input frame.
[5]: This weapon does damage in a repeating pattern: 2, 2, 0, 0. The shield takes 144 energy to activate, and 16 energy per input frame after that, regardless of where in the pattern it is.


The RNG (random number generator) is a 4-byte number at 0xFFC118. It affects the behavior of most enemies onscreen, initializes the drop time for the targets in stage 3, the timers for the targets in stage 4, etc.
There are three ways the RNG can be manipulated by the player.
  1. Move the bike Indra
  2. Fire the flame weapon
  3. Use the jetpack to fly up
  4. Get hit by an enemy so sparks appear
Indirectly, it's possible to manipulate it in other ways, such as getting the second boss to fire its laser (third form). This advances the RNG around 500 steps.

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