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Double KO glitch
It's possible to dmg on the same frame the boss does for a double knock-out.
In this case the player wins and the stage ends.
Double exploding enemy boss glitch
Doing the double exploding enemy will take up the 2 out of 2 enemy slots before entering a boss screen.
If an enemy is in an exploding state (only happens when you kill them with B: punching), depending it's exploding timer, the enemy won't be cleared from the enemy table when you start a boss fight.
Since the boss spawns with 0 health, his exploding timer will start, which is first the highest timer version of the boss and then the small timer version of the boss (when an enemy has 0 health, they will only explode after 128 - current timer frames).
Screen lock bypass
You can bypass screen barriers, because the camera X position overflows, from 0 to 65535 camera x position.
This works for both sides.
1. Go left beyond the starting cam X pos 2. Go right until you increase your cam X pos without reaching starting cam X pos 3. Go left as long as you want
The screens getting loaded seems to always use correct level data. Enemies and projectiles won't spawn unless it's intended around that camera X position.


Power-up IDVisual spriteEffect
0no power up
1half star+1 star if you have 4 star already IIRC
2full star+1 star
3golden necklace+ 3 bomb
4white flagno effect
5white flagincreases level by 1 <- what we call glitched next level power up
6white flagno effect
7golden necklace+1 hit
8Kenshiro+10 hit
9Kenshiro+100 hit
AKenshiro+1000 hit
Bnothing (also gets removed fast)
Cnothing (also gets removed fast)
DKenshiro+10000 score
EKenshiro+100000 score
FKenshiro+1000000 score
12 to 28 either Kenshiro or nothing and also gets removed fast
29floating body?nothing
70opens a door?nothing apart from a visual door being opened
71one of the bossesrestarts stage
74Kenshiroerr a visual animation plays: probably kills everyone on screen. don't know as I'm not familiar with the game

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