This page shows the tricks that a TAS could make use of it. Notice that this is the Taito and not the Ubisoft version.

Level dependent tricks

TODO: Expand this!

Find Dad

You can go out-of-bounds (possibly used by developers) on every "slices" at the top row at the very left side. Using this in a TAS leads to a slower completion time. Read this post for detailed information.

Random number generation


The subroutine is located at $DC79, MESHUGGAH translated it into C#. As you can see, 0x001E and 0x001F contains these values. The game uses the RNG for enemy spawns, the Holy Grail map layout, the last tile at Holy Grail map and the cup at the very end of the game.

Manipulating at title screen

Pressing T from frame 436 to 447 - cycles RNG 2 to 13 times. After this, it will be cycled (Frames-447)*2 + 13 times where frames is the actual frame you pressed T.

Manipulating at Cross of Coronado

Everytime an enemy respawns, the RNG will be called 1 time.

Manipulating at Find Dad

Different routes (entering to different doors/stairs) calls the RNG for different times.

Holy Grail map layout generation


TODO: Expand this!
The subroutine is located at $8BB9. It uses the values of 0x0080 through 0x0088, each of them handles different things, for example 0x0083 handles the number of "sideways". Using a cheat that writes 00 to this will generate a simple straight line.
TODO: general techniques, combinations that halts the game, etc

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