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Death Warps

When continuing the game from a password or from dying, there are 6 fixed positions where Solid Snake will start. 4 of them are based on rank, 2 are event driven and override the rank positions: Rank 1 is at the jungle at the beginning of the game. Rank 2 is at the south entrance in building 1. Rank 3 is inside the eastern elevator room of building 1 at floor 1. Rank 4 is outside of building 1's northern entrance. Being Captured is in the cell next to Grey Fox. This is in place until card 3 is obtained. Destroying the Supercomputer is at the electric floor room before the Supercomputer with the countdown timer running.
There are 3 places where deathwarping is useful to save time: Deathwarp 1 is done right after getting rank 3 in floor 2 of building 1. In order to do this, Grey Fox needs to be rescued. Deathwarp 2 is done on the rooftop of building 1. Deathwarp 3 is done after Coward Duck. Rank is reduced intentionally to 2 because that position is faster.

Rocket Launcher (Prisoners)

In order to obtain the rocket launcher, Solid Snake must be rank 4. A rank-up occurs every 5 prisoners rescued, so a total of 15 must be rescued. There are 16 prisoners available before the rocket launcher, so 1 prisoner can be skipped. There are only 3 prisoners that have a detour of more than 25 seconds: MISSING OUR "GREY FOX" has a detour of 2574 frames Twin Shot's prisoner (B1 rooftop) has a detour of 2463* frames. *It is 2495 but this route does not have a 32 frame delay to take damage. The prisoner in floor 1 of building 2 (near the deep water) has a detour of 2458 frames.
As mentioned in the deathwarp section, rescuing Grey Fox is done for the extra death warp. The other 2 prisoners are extremely close in timing. The TAS should skip Twin Shot's prisoner, but a speedrun should get that prisoner because it is difficult to take damage like the TAS.

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