These are various stategies discovered for the opponent Glass Joe. While some of these strats maybe doable in real time, these demo movies are Tool-assisted and demonstrate the strat in a frame perfect manner. These times present the fastest possible time that can be obtained with these particular strats.

KO Flare

Glass Joe is just plain easy and everybody knows you can simply KO him in 42 seconds by hitting him with a well timed punch after he backs up. However, did you know you could send him down for the count with a star uppercut? With good timing you can land 20 punches to get a star with enough time to not delay his backing up routing then use it for the KO blow. This is demonstrated in the published TAS of this site.

Joe's TKO

Everyone has knocked down good ol' Glass Joe at 42.00. But in case you are too lazy or just tired of doing it, you can try this TKO strat. It forgoes the easy KO and takes advantage of the "Clock Stopping" glitch to send Glass Joe to the mat 3 times for a TKO in just 47 seconds.

As demonstrated in the video, the strategy is to do left body blows to deplete Mac's hearts. Once pink, Joe will attack with hooks. Dodge and do an "easy CS" glitch (face, body face combo) to stop the clock. Once stopped, continue to attack him without stunning him (which cause the clock to resume). Most punches must left body blows in order to do only 4 damage. This is necessary in order to do at least 21 punches in order to get 2 stars. The 20th punch will always yield a star, but the 21st has a 50% chance of success. Once Joe is down with 2 stars remaining. Finish him off with uppercuts (since he will get back up on a 1 count both times).

Under 42 Seconds?

Who hasn't defeated Glass Joe in 42 seconds? But did you know it was possible to go sub 42? Unfortunately this strategy only works on the PAL version. Credit goes to Matt Turk for this one. The premise is clever, KO Joe with a rapid punch which will hit him sooner than a regular punch. To do this, simply do left body blows to lose all your hearts, dodge his hook, and counter punch, then punch to the body. The next face punch Mac will deliver will be another rapid punch. Wait for him to back up and then counter!
The reason it requires PAL is that on the NTSC versions, is because the last blocked body blow happens a bit too late and so Joe never backs up. It requires the Punch-Out version not Mike Tyson's Punch-out because on MTPO PAL, rapid punches against Glass Joe are not possible for some reason.

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