These are various strategies discovered for the opponent Mike Tyson. While some of these strats maybe doable in real time, these demo movies are Tool-assisted and demonstrate the strat in a frame perfect manner. These times present the fastest possible time that can be obtained with these particular strats.

TAS Strat

KO Strat



Glitch counters



All punch timings (except the first in the phase) have a fast or slow option. If the lower nibble of the rng is even it will be the long timing. If odd, it will be the fast timing. So every punch has a 50% chance of being fast or slow.
In Phase 1, there are 8 punches that can be random (in the Tas strat pattern). So the odds are 1/256 just for phase 1.
In Phase 2, there are 4, for a 1/16. For a perfect phase 1 and 2, it is 1/4096.
TODO: analyze phase 3

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