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NES-Pack is a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System created in March 2016 by Wout van Poppel (Noxxa), a former staff member at TASVideos. The game is quite similar to the otherwise unique 1993 classic DOS-game Jetpack.
The objective in NES-Pack is to navigate several maze-like levels collecting all the gems that appear in each, and then heading to the completion point. The player can collect power-ups in the form of fuel which grants our hero the ability to fly and also move faster. Hindering the player are gaps and obstacles that need to be jumped or flown over, barriers that can appear or disappear, and enemies that are also capable of flight themselves.
NES-Pack is quite easy to learn, but requires practice to play well. The levels combine aspects of mazes and classic platformers, requiring users to plan routes, conserve fuel, and navigate each level around enemies and other obstacles. Beginners can usually figure out how to complete the harder levels in a couple of minutes, but true masters are generally able to beat each level in under 20 seconds. The game keeps track of best times in each level as well as cumulative time, so players can keep track of how well they honed their abilities and compete with their friends.
After the demo version did not make the cut for SGDQ 2016 the game lay dormant for many years. Seven years later, in March 2023, the game got an updated demo release, implementing assets that were made in 2016 but never made it to release.

Free Download of NES-Pack

Latest version:


NES-Pack v0.4 (2023-03-15)

Previous releases

NES-Pack Demo v1.2 for SGDQ (2016-03-13) - no longer available
NES-Pack Demo v1.1 for SGDQ (2016-03-12) - no longer available


Unassisted Record table

NES-Pack Demo v1.2

01 - FIRST STEPS 0:02.08 Masterjun
02 - ROCKET ZONE 0:06.30 Masterjun
03 - STAR CATCH 0:03.30 Masterjun
04 - ONEWAY ROAD 0:07.67 Masterjun
05 - UP GOER 0:07.42 Masterjun
06 - SWITCH WALL 0:06.70 Masterjun
07 - COLLECTOR 0:11.32 Masterjun
08 - KITCHENSINK 0:08.85 Masterjun
Full game run 0:59.27 Masterjun [1]
[1] YouTube encode by Masterjun

TAS Record table

NES-Pack Demo v1.2

01 - FIRST STEPS 0:01.95 Multiple TASers [2]
02 - ROCKET ZONE 0:04.08 TASeditor [2]
03 - STAR CATCH 0:03.22 TASeditor [2]
04 - ONEWAY ROAD 0:06.52 TASeditor [2]
05 - UP GOER 0:04.20 TASeditor [2]
06 - SWITCH WALL 0:05.92 TASeditor [2]
07 - COLLECTOR 0:08.65 TASeditor [2]
08 - KITCHENSINK 0:08.08 TASeditor [2]
Full game run 0:42.62 TASeditor [2]
[2] .fm2 by TASeditor
[3] .fm2 by Baddap1

Levels (Demo v1.2)

Memory Data

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