Rygar tricks

Sit in air

Whenever you are about to fall off something you can duck and thus sit in air. For better, cooler and easier view of this you can attach your grappling hook to anything you can climb down on, then climb up and immediately press down. Rygar will sit in the air.
Use: To better fight certain enemies and the boss in Lapis. Also it looks cool.

Air walk

When the "Sit in air" trick is applied rapidly in succession, the "Air walk" trick is performed.
Whenever you walk off a cliff or ledge you can duck, right before you start to fall. This resets Rygar's gravity and thus makes the game think you stand on solid ground. Now you can walk another few pixels. Duck and repeat to walk in the air.
Use: To reach areas you normaly couldn't reach. For example you can now shake hand with one of the Indoras.


This trick allows you to "fly" downwards slowly. Whenever you are about to fall off of a cliff or ledge you can hit the B-button rapidly to make Rygar hit with his weapon. Due to the rapidness he will cancel any hit but still move slowly forward. Normally he stops but this allows him to move simultaneously. If done when you start to fall you will slowly decrease and eventually fall through any floor and end up at the top of the screen.
Use: To reach areas that you normally couldn't reach. For example you can now shake hand with one of the Indoras.

Float through a cliff

It's possible to float through the first non-jumpable cliff you encounter, the one at the very first rope in the game. If you aim it exactly right, it's possible to jump and slide through the top of the cliff as if you were riding a rope lift. You must hit the cliff slightly below the edge of it. If done properly you will get inside the wall and be able to slide through it.
Use: To float through the first non-jumpable cliff in the game. Where you encounter the first rope.

Jump through walls

This is not the same trick as the "Float through a cliff" because this has no usefulness in it. It will just help you to examine the glitched up world of Rygar. Any wall with nothing above them can be jumped through. This means that for example, walls in Sagilas cave cannot be jumped through because they have ceiling directly attached to them. To perform this odd trick you must simply be near the top of the screen somehow (this is the hard part of it, either by flying up there or to jump on an enemy) and not directly to the wall. A few pixels out of it works fine. When jumping/flying towards the upper edge of the wall you simply should steer Rygar towards it and if you can move through the wall. You'll suddenly be inside the wall or scrolling to another screen (depending on where you perform it)
Use: To examine the glitched up world of Rygar. For example you can scroll to the left of where the game begins by combining flying + air walk. Or to examine what's inside the big grey granit-block right before the first door to Garloz.

Jump over the river

This is a neat little trick that allows you to jump over the river at some places where the shores are close to each other. It only works in the PAL-version though. To do this jump you must have precise timing, the hard part is to know where to jump from, but every shore has some ground that is walkable even though it doesn't looks like it. When you have found the extreme edge of the shore you wish to jump from it's just to aim for the other side. Sometimes this won't work though but if you hit with your weapon you will gain the extra movement needed and make it over.
Use: To jump over the river at some places.


You can warp yourself to two different locations from two different locations.
First warp is at the very first boss, Eruga. The trick is to somehow get yourself to the screen to the right off the boss-room.
This can be done two ways:
  1. You can with perfect timing lure Eruga to fire at you while you walk off of the ledge to the far right. Let his fireball hit you and toss you towards the right end of the screen. You will now scroll to the right and die, ending up at the boss in Lapis.
  2. Simply walk off of the ledge and start flying towards the right end of the screen. You will now scroll to the right and die (if you fall down) and end up at the boss in Lapis.
The second warp is in the boss-room in Lapis.
To perform this you must have low energy so that one shot will kill you. Place yourself near the door to the right and let his shot hit you. You will now be pushed through the door and see a glitched up screen, then die. Now you will be outside Ligars lair in the floating castle. If you have too much energy you will just be pushed out again.

The grappling hook

This item allows you to do many useful and cool tricks.
Basically you need to find a cliff or ledge and toss your grappling hook upwards. If however there is no ground under it and you don't start to climb upwards but instead keeps falling you will safely fall through the bottom of the screen and end up at the top of the screen.
Uses: To reach areas above you (same as using it the ordinary way really) but you can also reach glitched up places with this technique. This leads to:

Endless climbing

When using the grappling hook in combination with flying/air walking you can toss it upwards anywhere. If you attach it to a cliff or ledge but first falls through the floor and then start to climb you will scroll the screen upwards, as if there were something that the grappling hook was attached too.
Now you can start to climb upwards and eventually (after maybe 20 screens and if nothing glitched up, like stones, comes in your way) you will end up at the same place from where you started.
If you climb downwards using this, you might get stuck or fall off the rope, which can lead to death.
Use: Mainly used to climb upward the tower that leads to the floating castle without having to stop. Also to climb endlessly to whenever you hit somethings that would normally cancel your climbing.

Jump through a door

This can (as far as I have discovered) only be performed at the door right before the boss in Lapis. Time your jump right and aim for the upper part of the door. If done correctly you will scroll to the next screen, where the boss should be, instead of being "teleported" there by the door.
Use: To see the boss-room in Lapis without boss. Be careful though because when entering there is no real floor. If you keep pressing left it's ok but if you let go of it you might fall down and die. Just enter the door to your right and you're safe.

Different kinds of boss fights

You can fight bosses in alternative ways, making your life easier.

The forest boss (Eruga)

Lure him to the right of the screen, preferably jumping on his head. Eventually he will reach the tree to the far right and then behave weird for a moment. After this he will be stuck in the wall not firing and you can easy finish him off.

The boss in Lapis

Climb down when you are in his room and scroll down a screen. When you climb up again the platform the boss sits on will be lowered and you can jump and attack him. Makes life easier.

The spider boss

Just walk as far to the right as possible. You can stand where the door will appear, inside the wall. Toss your grappling hook up and climb upwards a few inches. Here you are invulnerable and can slowly kill the spider with hits when he passes by.

Walk on the grass in Garloz

To perform this you must find go to a place where the screen scrolls. Jump to the next screen and immediately when reaching the other screen press up and the opposite direction. If done correctly you will move upwards a few pixel/s and then scroll back to the screen you came from. Jump and repeat to eventually stand on the grass.
Use: To walk on the grass/platform in Garloz (the overhead-world). Be aware though because the game glitches up and what you normally would have thought be a safe screen can be filled with water when entering it.

Jump while jumping

In overhead levels such as Garloz and Dorago's palace, when you press left+right or up+down+right at the same time while performing a jump, the game allows Rygar to jump again from any place between the jump.
Also, if you press left+right+down Rygar will move upwards with a weird behavior.

Walk on the walls in the floating castle

When entering the castle you can jump to the left. Now you will be in a glitched up version of the floating castle, free from enemies and you can walk on the walls. Be careful though because it's easy to trap oneself. Also you may find yourself with nothing under you if you are not careful.

Jump on empty air in the floating castle

There are a few passages where it's required to use your crossbow and rope to bypass the holes. It is however possible to find spots where you can stand.
  1. The first solid ground you can find is at the first passage you encounter. Slightly to the down-right direction and you must jump.
  2. On the floating island you end up on there is another two piles of solid ground slightly down-right of the island and then down-left near the land that is attached to the castle.
  3. The third part is where you encounter the next crossbow-stick. The first solid ground is slightly up-left of where you came from. Next is up-right. You must jump to these, else you will fall down and die.

Jumping over pits in Doragos Castle

Similarly, this can be done in Doragos Castle. The difference here is that you don't have to find these invisible platforms in the empty air. The platforms, or rather the ground, is extended. You can jump over all the pits in Doragos castle. All you need is to time them good and to not be afraid of the darkness. All pits contains walkable ground at the upper side of them that is not visible, but it's still there. No ropes is needed.


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