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Level/EraRequirementsClocksGolden CarrotsNotes
Nowhere 110
Stone Age12558+1
Wabbit On The Run1922
Guess Who Needs A Kick Start515
Wabbit Or Duck Season50 GCs10
Magic Hare Blower801431
Medieval Period302565+1
What's Cookin', Doc?301537Contains Super Jump spell
Witch Way To Albuquerque?6518Contains Music spell
The Carrot-Henge Mystery73820Contains Key & Fan spells
Downhill Duck250 GCs10
Pirate Years52469+1
Hey, What's Up, Dock?5917
Follow The Red Pirate Road11*49 Super Jump Spell required to enter
When Sam Met Bunny3512
Mine Or Mine?1001041
The Big Bank Withdrawal15615
The Greatest Escape25615
Objects In The Mirror
Are Closer Than They Appear
La Corrida150 GCs15
The Carrot Factory90815
Dimension X402461+1
The Planet X File!401426
Vort "X" Room6040
The Conquest For Planet X!70114
Train Your Brain!117521

Current best theoretical TAS route

Availability notes

What's Cookin', Doc?

Contains Super Jump spell

Follow the Red Pirate Road

Requires Super Jump Spell to enter - Jump spell not needed anymore thanks to the skip explained in the level section, later in this resource page.

The Greatest Escape

The Planet X File!

Super Jump Spell required to reach the bossfight (4 Clocks)


Clock animation skip - Level/Clock Specific

TODO: Add each skippable clock in this game in this description, and how to do so.

Kick Drop

Use a running kick to jump off ledges instead of auto-jumping off in order to cross platforms faster.

Clock Animation Skip - Stage exit

After exiting a stage, gameplay still remains active for roughly a second. If a clock is collected during this time (i.e. by rolling into one before pausing and exiting), the stage will end without having to wait for the clock animation.

Golden Carrots Duplication

When opening a treasure chest, if it's one of those that automatically closes itself shortly after opening (usually for GC's), it's possible to abuse the respawn of the content of the chest by switching between 3rd person view and 1st person view camera, before the collectable content is collected and/or it re-falls on the insides of the chest. When switching to 1st person camera view, the collectable has to be out of the range of visual.


Hammer Skip

The Hammer trial GC can be obtained without reading the sign by throwing a block at it from the block-moving trial right next to it, instead of using the hammer. Merlin's speech also doesn't need to be activated this way. This skip is PSX NTSC-U Version ONLY.

Tree vertical zip

Place a box adjacent to a wall and run or kick into it. Sometimes, you zip up the wall. Seems to be caused by landing on the block inside the wall.

Fence skip

It's possible to skip the fence to reach the GC under the tree hole. It's a precise manouver, not very feaseble for rta runs, but definitely worth for TAS purposes.

Wabbit On The Run

Clock animation skip - Level/Clock Specific

Some clocks do not trigger immediately the animation when they are collected. This is exploitable since it's possible to keep jumping and rolling in a frame perfect manouver, allowing to reach another clock and eventually have only 1 animation for a total of 2 clocks collected. NOTE: Research needed since there are multiple clocks that behave this way in the game.

What's Up, Doc?

Pearls throwing animation skip

Using first person camera views allows to render objects that wouldnt render otherwhise with 3rd person view. This allows such object to be actually hit and act as a magnet for the pearl throw, lowering the time required to reach the otherwhise slower setup.

Follow The Red Pirate Road

Skull Platform Door Skip

To enter "Follow the Red Pirate Road" stage, one has to fullfill the requirement of obtaining the Super Jump magic power in order to get on the platform and roll the wheel that opens the door for this level, in the Pirate Era. This can be skipped by abusing the game mechanics with the camera movement. It's not clear how it exactly works, but forcing the camera to go out of bounds in the frames where the camera itself tries to re-force the center of view on bugs, it sort of pushes Bugs a few digits ahead on his X/Y coords. This results in clipping the platform in this case.

Magic Door Skip/Clip

Can be fully completed with 1 visit using the magic door clipping.

What's Cookin', Doc?

Birb Skip

Note - This Skip is PSX Only, due to different physics on handleheld objects from bugs between PSX and PC Version. Place 1 weight on just at the edge of the left gate. Pick up another weight, place it between the gate and the previous weight, while facing left and running. The weights will push Bugs to an XY value that happens to be enough to open the gate. This is a major skip for a full revisit of the level.

Royal Square guard skip

Enter guard LOS just as he goes back to sleep, and he won't be triggered until his "go to sleep" animation is done. This gives you a few extra seconds, and allows just enough time to enter the Royal Square before he smashes you out of the ground.
Note: 100% still needs to KO the guard at least once to get a GC.

Falling Apple glitch

Pick up apple from the Royal Gardens while it is still falling out of a tree. Will do weird things with positioning while held. Can be used to save time moving apples to the pedestal.

Clock Animation Skip - Super Jump Spell

On the Royal Square, right-hand clock tower, it is possible to slide off the Super Jump tile into the clock and, with precise timing, trigger the super jump while collecting the clock at the same time. This skips the clock animation.
This seemingly can't be done on the left-hand clock tower.

Boss Fight Skip - Wall Clipping

It's possible to skip the entire bossfight by letting one the guards push you. TODO: Record and include clip here.

The Greatest Escape

Box Skip

On the ground floor, up the stairs, it's possible to jump on the ACME box and reach the stairs to the first floor where Mugsy awaits.
Note that 100% still needs to go around the building to get a GC.

Music Spell Skip

On the second floor, it is possible to use a precise jump in the inner area (near the bandit plant) to reach a platform normally only accessible with the Music spell. This skips needing to revisit the stage after obtaining the Music spell.
The Super Jump spell is still required in this stage for one ACME box.

The Carrot Factory

Clock Animation Skip - Button

In the Carrot Packers section, when going right to press a button to lower a platform (needed for an ACME box and GCs), there's a Clock right next to the button. With precise positioning, it is possible to land on both the Clock and the button simultaneously - the platform cutscene will play, and the clock animation is skipped.

Clock Animation Skip - Deathwarp

Outside Warehouse 2, there lies a Clock close enough to the edge that it's possible to fall off the edge and still collect the Clock while falling to your death. The deathwarp skips the clock animation.

Fan Platform Skip - Helic

It's possible to save 15 seconds with a different level routing to immediately reach warehouse 1 at the beginning of the stage, with some precise manouver with helic and jump. TODO: Record and include clip here.

Gates Skip

It's possible to skip gate 1 on the first scene of the level (where warehouse 1 is), and also the other 2 electric gates on the second section of the level. TODO: Record and include clip here.

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