Memory Addresses:

Note: The same values are used for SpongeBob's speed whether he has an item (reef blower, balloon, etc.) or not. Also, memory addresses like velocity and position are different in every level (i.e. Level 2-1 addresses stop changing after exiting the level, and they don't move in Level 2-2, being replaced by new addresses).

Level 2-1

001C4B84 - X-Speed (2-byte) - Maxes out at -96 when going left and 96 when going right.
001C4B86 - Y-Speed (2-byte) - When SpongeBob jumps up, his initial velocity is -64. As SpongeBob reaches the peak of his jump, this value increases to 0. If he does not ground pound, the value will continue increasing to 128, where it will max out. When SpongeBob hits the ground, this value becomes 0 again.
001C4C4C - X-Velocity (4-byte) - Maxes at -6 for moving left and 6 for moving right. Unlike X-Speed, this value is 0 when SpongeBob is running against a wall, as his position is not changing.
001C4BA0 - X-Position (2-byte)
001C4BAA - Y-Position (2-byte)

Level 2-2

001C70D4 - X-Speed (2-byte)
001C70D6 - Y-Speed (2-byte) - If you find one of these two handy addresses in any level, the other address is always 2 bytes away from it.
000B0DB1 - Screen Scroll Flag (2-byte) - A fun little address that scrolls up to 128 when the screen scrolls left, and down to -128 when the screen scrolls right.

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