A jump is nearly twice as fast as walking, if it carries you two tiles ahead. Turning takes several frames to complete, so although jumps are faster than walking, if you need to turn twice to get one extra jump, you are overall slower.
Jumping has other oddities, of the sort that, after the game determines you are moving two tiles ahead, nothing stops you from landing two tiles ahead, other than an interrupting animation (warp tile between you and destination, specifically those that triggers the warp animation). Useful for bypassing monsters in difficult terrain, or jumping on the training poles in Ruins Area 5.
It is also possible to jump inside of a closed door in Ruins Area 7, due to the warp tiles there not triggering a warp animation. No other strange behavior observed -- Walls still block you, and you can simply walk to an open tile.

Standing over a gap

Fall into a pit. Attempt to jump out as you do. If you die from the pit, a Ring of Life will be consumed, but you will be floating over the pit. This trick requires you to die, and thus consume a Ring of Life.
It is useful for opening a door (such as those on Fortress 4F) or other actions that require you to be outside of a pit. The number of places discovered where this is useful is few.

EXP allocation

Every monster has a specific level. Hitting with a physical attack adds to Arm Strength EXP per hit, hitting with a magical attack adds to Knowledge per hit, and defeating the monster adds to level. The difference of the monster's level and the affected stat is the amount of EXP awarded; If this would be zero or negative, you instead get one EXP.
Rather than give the EXP immediately, this EXP is allocated one point per one or two frames, depending on current action. This means that, when against an enemy with high EXP value for the stat, it is possible to have many levels worth of EXP that hasn't yet improved the stat. As the stat is still low, continuing to gain EXP for it will award you the faster rate of a low stat.

Message box

While text is still being drawn in the box, Varik can't act. The text box can be instantly finished if you press a direction with the control pad. Left or right buttons are recommended to speed up text.

Memory Addresses

7E014C2uFrame Count
7E01D72uFrame Count (alt)
7E021F2xMain RNG
7E02212xScratch RNG address
7E057F1uVarik's Y tile pos
7E05801uVarik's X tile pos
7E05891uVarik's HP
7E058A1uVarik's HP max
7E058B1uVarik's MP
7E058C1uVarik's MP max
7E058D1uVarik's Luck
7E058E1uVarik's Luck max
7E058F1uVarik's Arm Strength
7E05901uVarik's Arm Strength EXP
7E05911uVarik's Knowledge
7E05921uVarik's Knowledge EXP
7E05931uVarik's Magic Endurance
7E05941uVarik's Magic Endurance EXP
7E05951uVarik's Level
7E05961uVarik's Level EXP
7E1D892uArm Strength EXP to allocate
7E1D8B2uKnowledge EXP to allocate
7E1D8D2uMagic Endurance EXP to allocate
7E1D8F2uLevel EXP to allocate
7E1D972uMP recovery timer
7E1D992uLuck timer
7E1D9B2sLuck adjustment
7E1E054uStep counter
7E42EC1xSomething about animation. Useful to watch when moving
7E43C24uGold on hand
7EDE361uInvisibility timer
Many objects, notably monsters, begin at address 7E03C7. Each object is 94 bytes in size. Varik's barrier spell takes the first slot, Varik's projectiles take the next three slots, then Varik himself takes the slot after that. Monsters take up the following 31 slots. There is room for monster projectiles, but this hasn't been measured at this time.
7E03C7 Object size: 94 . Count: ?
Offset 0x202uPixel position, relative to camera's left edge
Offset 0x242uPixel position, relative to camera's top edge
Offset 0x262uTile distance from left map edge, relative to cam facing
Offset 0x2A2uTile distance from forward map edge, relative to cam facing
Offset 0x401uY tile position, absolute
Offset 0x411uX tile position, absolute
Offset 0x4A1uHP
Offset 0x4B1uHP max
Offset 0x4C1uMP
Offset 0x4D1uMP max
Offset 0x4E1uLuck
Offset 0x4F1uLuck max
Offset 0x501uArm Strength
Offset 0x511uArm Strength EXP
Offset 0x521uKnowledge
Offset 0x531uKnowledge EXP
Offset 0x541uMagic Endurance
Offset 0x551uMagic Endurance EXP
Offset 0x561uLevel
Offset 0x571uLevel EXP
Offset 0x5A1uDefense

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