Movement tricks

Position Convention and Addresses

000A2A,2u = X subpixel 000A36,2u = Y subpixel 000A20,2u = Sub-Height
000A2E,2u = X pixel 000A3A,2u = Y pixel 000A22,2s = Height
000A32,4s = X speed 000A3E,4s = Y speed 000A26,4s = Height speed
The position is best read in the format: Tile.Pixel.Subpixel . Each tile is 8 pixels. Reading position in this form would enable precision reading of the character's position for various clips, as it's based on which tile the character is skipping over.

Walk, Run, Sprint

1.50 - Walking speed, straight
1.06 - Walking speed, diagonal
2.50 - Running speed, straight
1.77 - Running speed, diagonal
3.50 - Sprinting speed, straight
2.47 - Sprinting speed, diagonal

Speed Conservation

The game checks the subpixel portion of your speed before checking the integer pixel portion. If your subspeed is below the subspeed of the limit, the game is satisfied that you are below the speed limit, and will skip the integer check. A very simple example is when running straight for 2.50 speed, you can then move diagonally to get close to 2.77 speed, as before you hit that limit, the subspeed portion of diagonal running is satisfied. After your speed tries to exceed 2.77, it will snap to 1.77, as normal for diagonal running speed.
With various acceleration tricks to get around the speed limit, this also allows a way to preserve your speed at exceptionally high values, as only the subspeed portion needs to be tracked. Additionally, if you need to get rid of your hyper speed, accelerate normally at a moment your subspeed triggers the limit, and your speed will snap down to where the limit is.
Each axis is treated separately.


During Walk Mode, jump and hold straight up. For some reason, the acceleration per frame of this specific mode and direction is 0.60. Unfortunately, the only direction you can do this is Up, as none of the other directions have such a strange acceleration.
The pattern is three frames of Up input, and four or five frames of Down input to slow down enough to apply Speed Conservation on the next three Up inputs, enabling you to ratchet up your speed.

Hyperspeed sprint

Under construction

Sprint Mode Conservation

Under construction

Tile clips

When traveling faster than 8 pixels/frame, the character will start skipping over tiles.

Luck Manipulation

Under construction. Kicking up dust with trying to stop your character is enough to guide demonic hordes into a new course of action.

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