A great deal of what's in this page is described in the submission notes for the current Hook run, but this page will be more focused.

General Tips

Take advantage of the pause trick

Normally, when you want to start dashing (by holding Y, which is also the attack button), Peter Pan will go through his attack animation before starting to move. But if you quickly pause/unpause after starting to hold Y and the direction you want to go in, the attack animation will be skipped.

Minimize jumps, falling off slopes, and attacking while running

Jumping and falling off slopes each delay forward movement for two frames. Attacking while running delays forward movement by one frame. Attacking while jumping is OK as long as it isn't done too far into the jump.

Keep track of lag

This game doesn't have much lag, or at least not much lag you can do anything about, but there can be some lag towards the end of stage 2 at least. The current TAS does not use the route through this section with the least jumps/attacks but rather one that has less lag because that ends up being faster. SNES9x has a lag counter to help you keep track of this.

Don't skimp on pixie dust

Peter Pan moves faster while flying, which generally makes up for the extra time spent gathering dust. Pixie dust decreases by 1 every frame Peter Pan is flying or floating.

Don't float while gathering pixie dust

Doing so will make dust gathering slower. If you can't simply stand or jump while gathering dust, try starting to float then quickly canceling it. After canceling the float Peter Pan will initially fall very slowly.

Position yourself appropriately when done gathering pixie dust

e.g. if you'll be flying to the upper-right, position yourself so that Peter Pan will be at the very upper-right of the pixie dust gathering area when he's done gathering.

If you must collide into an enemy, turn around just before the collision

Peter Pan will then be flung forward instead of backward.

Run down steep slopes

Doing so makes your character move faster than jumping down the slope.

Jump up steep slopes

Your character will move slower running up steep slopes, but jumping isn't as affected.

Jump before reaching the edge of a pit

By the time you're at the edge of the pit you'll already be falling down fairly quickly thus letting you reach the bottom more quickly.

Minimize the amount of life and pixie dust you have at the end of each stage

It won't take as long to tally the score. Be careful though--don't bother getting hit if it impedes your forward progress. An auto-scrolling segment is a good time to lower your life.

Level Specific Tips

Level 3: You can "teleport" up some slopes

The exact workings of this aren't known so look at the current run to see some examples, then experiment.

Level 5: Use the "Crouch-slide" maneuver

It is possible to perform a crouching slide by pressing down+right while running. Doing a crouch-slide at the right time will allow you to go under some of the falling icicles. Note that this maneuver must be done within a window of a few frames.

Level 8: There's a map of the level to help navigate it in the dark

Level 8: You can fly through the platforms with stalactites

Memory locations

Peter Pan X location
7EF1C1 1u. It only counts up to 255, then it wraps around, even if you watch it as 2 bytes. Goes up in value as you go right onscreen.
Peter Pan Y location
7EF101 1u. Wraps around like above location. Goes up in value as you go down onscreen.
Peter Pan X location 2
7E05AF 2u. This actually indicates X position of the background, but it doesn't wrap around so it's quite handy once you're far enough in the stage for the screen to start scrolling.
Peter Pan Y location 2
7E05B1 2u. Similar behavior to the above location.
Boss 1 and Final Boss's HP
7EF7D0 1u
Boss 2's HP
7EF7DB 1u
Boss 3 and Boss 4's HP
7EF7FF 1u
Boss 5's HP
7EF7DD 1u
Boss 6's HP
7EF7CF 1u
Amount of Pixie Dust
7E1F07 2u

Movement Notes (all along the X axis)

Walking Rate


Walking Jump Rate

1/frame..., with one frame delays at the beginning and end of the jump

Running Rate


Running Jump Rate

1,2,1,2..., with one frame delays at the beginning and end of the jump

Normal Flying Rate

1,1... (This also applies if you're flying diagonal)

Fast Flying Rate

2,2... (this also applies if you're flying diagonal)

Falling off platform running

1,2,1,2... with one frame delays at beginning and end of fall.

Falling off platform walking

1,1,1... with one frame delays at beginning and end of fall.



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