The purpose of this page is to provide information on the Puzzle League series, which has several games with inconsistent names across many Nintendo consoles.
  • Panel de Pon for the Super Famicom. Featured on Nintendo Puzzle Collection for the Gamecube, Dr. Mario & Puzzle League for the GBA, and Chotto Panel de Pon/Puzzle League Express for DSiWare
  • Tetris Attack for the SNES and GBx
  • Pokemon Puzzle Challenge for the GBC
  • Pokemon Puzzle League for the N64
Although there are minor changes in each of these games, such as graphics, scoring, and additional features, game play is overall consistent throughout the series.


As Baxter mentioned in his Panel de Pon run, the only gameplay difference between Panel de Pon and Tetris Attack is the scoring. In Tetris Attack, you can get a high score the fastest by making massive chains, whereas in Panel de Pon, you large combos will work faster.

Memory Addresses

Panel de Pon

03A6Column of the Left Cursor Box (Values range from 1 to 5)
03AARow of the Left Cursor Box (Values range from 4 to 14)


Brandon is currently attempting to write a bot that can quickly beat VS. Very Hard mode of Panel de Pon without any manual intervention whatsoever. For more information, please read its topic.

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