This page lists tricks and information for Age of Empires.

Delayed Cheat

If you enter any cheat codes right after winning or losing a scenario, the code will be buffered and triggered once the next mission starts.

Bypassing the population limit

Normally there is a population limit of 50 or so. You can start training multiple units at the same time while your population is at 49, thus coming out with more than 50.

Market Tribute

After placing a market, you are permitted to pay tributes even though the market has not been finished.
This was fixed in v1.0c.

Town Center Bug

By holding Shift between placing buildings, you can keep the building in your selection. This works even with the Town Center, allowing you to build it multiple times even though the Government Center has not been built and Bronze Age has not been reached.
This was fixed in v1.0a.

Diplomacy Bugs

Bug 1: You could set diplomacy to your enemy as "allied" and right-click on his ships to have them move towards you for repair. Setting the diplomacy back to "enemy" then would allow you to assault the ship.
Bug 2: By right-clicking on enemy transport ships, you could embark them, thus losing control over your units until they are disembarked.
Both of these are thought to be fixed as of v1.0a.

Building and Repairing through diagonal walls

Villagers can build through diagonal walls. The building has to be exactly adjacent to the wall for this to work. This was fixed in v1.0c.
Villagers can repair buildings 3 tiles beyond walls. This remained unfixed.

Converted Dock

Trade ships will keep coming back to a dock after it has been converted, allowing for gold income.
This was fixed in v1.0c.

Farm Bug

By having a unit and a Farm selected and pressing S, the food inside the farm will be reset.
This was fixed in v1.0c.

Wonder Bug

By having a unit and a Wonder selected and pressing S, the game will consider the Wonder to be destroyed and built anew, thus resetting its 2000 year time limit.
Unknown if this was fixed.

Berry Bug

Berry bushes will sometimes yield 149 food instead of the promised 150 food.

Tree - Oak 31 Bug

The tree "Tree - Oak 31" will say that it has 75 wood, but when cutting it down it will change to 40.

Meat Bug

If a villager kills an animal while he is killed by a military unit, the animal will not yield any meat. This can also happen if a villager kills an elephant, while the elephant kills the villager.

Save Bug

On v1.0c, if you save the game while a projectile is being thrown or shot, loading that savegame will cause the game to crash. This is a notable bug in the speedrun community and players will usually avoid it by using a different version.

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