This page lists known tricks and information for the game Lemmings Revolution.

General Information

This game does not run well on newer systems (Windows 7 and newer). Graphics and music are missing, text is black and the game may be prone to crashing. There are fan-made patches (known as "Full Color") that fix these problems, e.g. here. You can use DXWnd or another software to make the game run in windowed mode.

Explosion State Bug

When a Lemming is about to explode, he can be clicked on to be given another skill. This will save the Lemming from exploding. This will work with any of the grounded skills:
You can use the Nuke command or the Bomber skill with this bug. Note that you can only use the Nuke command once.
Fall Death Prevention
Notably, while in the "about to explode" state, a Lemming cannot die from falling. So this bug can be used to have Lemmings survive from high falling distances.
Make "Blockers" Walk Again
The Explosion State Bug can be used to make "Blocker" Lemmings resume walking.

End Levels Earlier

You can use the Nuke command right before saving the last required Lemming in order to kill other Lemmings that you do not need to save.

Collision Bug

In specific situations, when a lever or switch is activated, there is a very small time frame where the game may ignore collision checks.
This can cause Lemmings to be able to walk through Blockers or thin walls. It is usually considered a bad bug.

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