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Tekken Advance is a spin-off fighting game in the Tekken series for the Game Boy Advance. While it is not considered canon to the Tekken storyline, it follows the events of Tekken 3 and includes most of the characters. The overall gameplay has been simplified to accommodate for the console's limited number of buttons and lacks certain moves such as side and back throws. To make up for that, it features new stun mechanics.
This run by Spikestuff and AKheon improves on the previous run by 37 frames. While it looks like a five second loss, that is due to emulation differences and the inclusion of the boot up screen that the previous run didn't have.
We also have a secondary movie file attached below, aiming for in-game time and defeating Heihachi as soon as possible.
Tekken Advance appears to be a good handheld port of the original arcade and PSX series, maintaining the Tekken spirit and physics despite the omission of some moves and characters.
AKheon plays around with another fighting game and, as always, succeeds in creating something impressive. This movie plays the game's unique Tag Battle mode, which allows the player to use 3 characters for each fight and switch between them at any time.
For more of Tekken Advance, see the run of the main mode.
The baseline tab shows the default movie beating the game as fast as possible without any special conditions.

Game Versions

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Good Tekken Advance U GBA SHA1: 8b21cd57cacf172f963dfc7ead4fa127a8a63870
MD5: 5d8788e5f864d576846c5fbf0a4c827a