NFL Street

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  • Platforms: GC
  • Abbreviation: nflstr
  • Display Name: NFL Street
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NFL Street is an American football video game developed by EA Tiburon and published by Electronic Arts. It was originally released for the PlayStation 2, GameCube and Xbox on January 13, 2004.
"NFL Challenge" is the main mode in the game. You create a team, from logo to players height, and go through a series of challenges against other teams, unlocking new football stadiums, teams, equipment, and development points for improving your team;by completing several challenges that vary in their difficulty.
Lobsterzelda beats NFL Street's "NFL Challenge" mode as fast as possible, featuring a lot of quick, frame perfect dodging and maneuvering around the computer to score points, which is sure to impress the viewer.
This run is a 9:32.93 minute improvement over Lobsterzelda's previous record.

Game Versions

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