Hong Kong 97

Hong Kong 97 is a bootleg SNES shoot 'em up and one of the most infamous kusoge games to be released in the 1990s. It was deliberately designed by Yoshihisa "Kowloon" Kurosawa to be the most offensive and horrible game ever made and as a protest against Japanese video game industry practices at the time.
This game grossly violates our Movie Rules on game choice, therefore submissions of it can not be accepted.
  • Id: 2495
  • Platforms: SNES
  • Abbreviation: hk97
  • Display Name: Hong Kong 97
  • Shooter
  • Bootleg



Game Versions

Type Name Title Override Region Version Platform Hashes
Good Hong Kong '97 (Japan) (En,Ja,Zh-Hant) (Unl).sfc J SNES
Sha1: 544bbf6f34a8e9cfa73a0d1785e1017f3caa5833
Md5: 8cb1cfe8f847fe073c3609415adc2a19
Hack Hong Kong 97 (PD).smc Other SNES
Sha1: 3480241b70a78243a98502b4d92d68cffc89b81b
Md5: 0d2d5175ebf92db250e73b08e7ac4a17