• Id: 2672
  • Platforms: DOS
  • Abbreviation: barb
  • Display Name: Barbarian
  • Platformer


Barbarian is a game developed and published by Psygnosis in 1987. As a barbarian, the player is tasked to navigate through dungeons filled with enemies and traps. Gameplay is done via on-screen icons that can be selected with the mouse, joystick or the function keys, which, suffice to say, isn't the best control scheme for this genre.
eien86 braces through the control scheme and reaches the end in record time.

There is also an alternate YouTube stream featuring audio commentary by the author.
The baseline tab shows the default movie beating the game as fast as possible without any special conditions.

Game Versions

Type Name Title Override Region Version Platform Hashes
Good barb.img U DOS
Sha1: e36ed1ac686460d104c23780d8b2231371f33de7
Md5: 31dc7a378a1980159e5e70e80b78ccd3