The Tower of Turmoil



  • Id: 2679
  • Platforms: NES
  • Abbreviation: towoftur
  • Display Name: The Tower of Turmoil
  • Platformer
  • Homebrew


The Tower of Turmoil is a homebrew screen-to-screen platformer created in 2019. The mad alchemist Drake Voldenar has suddenly erected the titular Tower of Turmoil, threatening to consume the world with dark energy. It's now up to Takemaru Kurumana and his trusty Sword of Divinity to stop him and prevent the destruction of the world.
MarioAtWork, MrTASer, and EZGames69 collaborate together for this run to beat the game as fast as they can, and with a few tricks up their sleeves.
You can get the game here.

Watch this run being played back on a real console.
The baseline tab shows the default movie beating the game as fast as possible without any special conditions.

Game Versions

Type Name Title Override Region Version Sha1 Md5 Platform
Good TheTowerOfTurmoil_1.03.nes U 1.03 BF7CDEAC07D92AFE21F87A4C8A0FAAD334939985 4A2A82BA9085EF0D46AFB82FCF3C1805 NES