The Legend of Dragoon

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The Legend of Dragoon is an RPG developed and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation in 1999. It follows the story of Dart, who swears to avenge the death of his parents by defeating a mysterious black monster. For reasons unknown, the Sandora Empire burns his native village down and arrest his childhood friend, Shana. Dart sets on a journey to rescue her; however, Shana's kidnapping sets off a sinister plot of ancient powers and the destruction of humanity.
lapogne36 exploits a save glitch to rescue Shana in record time. Please read the author's comments for more details.

Game Versions

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Good Legend of Dragoon, The (USA) (Disc 1).bin U PSX
Sha1: 8DFE525BD348531AC69F0A025E04CE08B8F6079F