Sled Storm

  • Id: 3462
  • Platforms: PSX
  • Abbreviation: slst
  • Display Name: Sled Storm
  • Racing


Sled Storm is a snowmobile racing video game published and developed by Electronic Arts. It gained critical acclaim due to its original concept of being one of the first snowmobile racing titles. It features snowmobiles (referred to as sleds), stunts and fourteen snow-covered courses consisting of slippery slopes, inclement weather and treacherous cliffs. Six racers were selectable from the outset and two more were unlockable, each of which had different snowmobile handling attributes. Extra points can be scored by doing tricks, but not all characters can perform every trick.
somyeol and Gawrit here decide to make another playaround of this game, showing off tricks and glitches that weren't present in the previous playaround. The details regarding all of that can be found in the authors' notes. As with before, they make usage of in-game codes to unlock the Storm Sled and unlocking all of the Open Mountain tracks in order to do so.
Despite this playaround being labeled as having "obsoleted" the authors' other playaround, that does not mean that other playaround is not worth watching or "obsolete". In actuality, both playarounds are recommended for watching to see how broken the game can be.

Audio commentary by one of the authors can be found right here.

Game Versions

Type Name Title Override Region Version Platform Hashes
Good Sled Storm (USA) (Track 01).bin U PSX
Sha1: b9dc080c1fee0b43942c12aad54da7609f836580
Md5: 1686f6571b3a83deffa829635c79a9f2