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Kwirk, known in Japan as Puzzle Boy (パズルボーイ), is a puzzle game that was developed by Atlus. The goal of each level is to get hip tomato Kwirk (a walking potato called Spud in the Japanese version) to the stairs so he can find his missing girlfriend. Each room contains obstacles such as movable blocks, rotating turnstiles, and holes that have to be filled in with blocks in order cross.
This movie improves on the previous "Going Up?" run by 30 seconds by switching to "Bird's Eye View" mode, reducing lag, and making use of a brute force program to find the most optimal solutions for each level. For more details on the setup and hardware used, you can read the author's notes.

Watch this run being played back on a real console.

Game Versions

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Good Kwirk - He's A-maze-ing! (USA, Europe).gb UE GB SHA1: 6EF48E912A47C774048456AA870C7E810FD45685
MD5: 3A4BB57E9FBD4EF563C0C7B59A1C82A5