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Sonic the Hedgehog CD is an entry in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise that was developed for the Sega Genesis's Sega CD attachment. Taking place before Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the plot follows Sonic as he travels to Never Lake where he finds the orbiting Tiny Planet, home to the Time Stones, encased in stone by Dr. Robotnik, who seeks the Time Stones himself. Along the way, he finds that Amy Rose has been kidnapped by Metal Sonic. It's now up to Sonic to journey to Little Planet and traverse its time-bending areas in order to rescue Amy and save Tiny Planet from the clutches of Dr. Robotnik.
marzojr and Tuffcracker both save 21.8 seconds over the previous run thanks to the discovery of a few new zips and screenwraps and more optimizations.

There is an alternate encode made in a modified emulator that hacks the camera so that it stays on Sonic even when he's offscreen.
There is also a run of Sonic the Hedgehog Megamix played as Sonic on the Sega CD version.
The baseline tab shows the default movie beating the game as fast as possible without any special conditions.

Game Versions

Type Name Title Override Region Version Platform Hashes
Good Sonic CD (USA).bin U SegaCD
Sha1: A1B94EC27C565F1DA805ACBE5A590F7F1DB2268A
Md5: A0AE937917F01C573E8A38E36B30D1F3
Good Sonic The Hedgehog CD (Japan).bin J SegaCD
Sha1: 9819234D09C004F4EBE3A03D751EDCB3AD6140DC