Bubble Bobble


Bubble Bobble was first released in arcades in 1986 and later ported to home consoles, including the NES. Bub and Bob, two twin magical, bubble-blowing dinosaurs fight through an evil, deep forest to rescue their kidnapped girlfriends.
As a single-screen platform game, 1 or 2 players can attack enemies by trapping them in bubbles, using magic powerups, and bumping into trapped enemies. There are 100 levels in the game, but the "good ending" doesn't appear unless 2 players play through the whole game together. Once this is achieved, the game also has a second quest that makes the game faster and more difficult, culminating in a true ending whereby Bub and Bob are finally reunited with their family.
There are multiple endings in the game, which depend on the player's performance and discovery of secrets.


  • Platformer


In Bubble Bobble, two magical, bubble-blowing dinosaurs (Bub and Bob) fight through an evil, deep forest in order to rescue their kidnapped dinosaur friends.
This movie features one... no, wait, six players controlling two characters simultaneously while smashing the previous time by 2 minutes and 41 seconds. However, this publication chooses to use warps.

Game Versions

Type Name Title Override Region Version Sha1 Md5 Platform
Good Bubble Bobble (USA).nes U 0E40052299ADA46F6C2D1172323366F872F90570 E6CB4E0FAF2E944B2A0C8D78A399AC7F NES