Game List

IdName SystemsActions
1476 Haunted House MSX Versions
3841 Haunting Starring Polterguy Genesis Versions
2288 Heart Like a Wheel A2600 Versions
2194 Heart of Darkness PSX Versions
529 Heart of the Alien SegaCD Versions
3612 Heat Seeker C64 Versions
3926 Heavy Barrel NES Versions
1333 Heavy Shreddin' NES Versions
2494 Hebereke's Popoon SNES Versions
3374 Hedgehog Launch Flash Versions
3273 Heisei Tensai Bakabon NES Versions
3759 Helicopter Rescue! O2 Versions
3842 Hellfire Genesis Versions
2447 Hello Kitty World NES Versions
2684 Hello Kitty: PocketCamera GB Versions
2638 Helltaker Linux Versions
3300 Help Wanted: 50 Wacky Jobs Wii Versions
3046 Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure DS Versions
3590 Henry Stickmin 2: Escaping the Prison Flash Versions
3591 Henry Stickmin 3: Stealing the Diamond Flash Versions
3592 Henry Stickmin 4: Infiltrating the Airship Flash Versions
3344 Henry Stickmin 5: Fleeing the Complex Flash Versions
3589 Henry Stickmin: Breaking the Bank Flash Versions
1831 Hero's Quest DOS Versions
3793 Herzog Zwei Genesis Versions
2190 Hexcite: The Shapes of Victory GBC Versions
1717 Hey Arnold! The Movie GBA Versions
22 Hi no Tori: Gaou no Bouken NES Versions
1236 High Seas Havoc Genesis Versions
489 High Speed NES Versions
2610 Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kizuna: Dai Ichi Kan DS Versions
1176 Hikaru no Go GBA Versions
3106 Hitman 2: Silent Assassin GC Versions
2809 Hitstick 2: No Time for Diplomacy Flash Versions
2826 Hitstick 3: Deadly Breeze Flash Versions
715 Hocus Pocus DOS Versions
1332 Hogan's Alley NES Versions
2147 Hogs of War PSX Versions
674 Hokuto no Ken SMS Versions
1149 Hokuto no Ken NES Versions
2351 Hokuto no Ken 3: Shinseiki Souzou: Seiken Retsuden NES Versions
2799 Hollywood Squares NES Versions
275 Holy Diver NES Versions
3493 Home Alone GG Versions
3494 Home Alone Genesis Versions
3495 Home Alone NES Versions
1158 Home Alone 2: Lost in New York NES Versions
1180 Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Genesis Versions
3316 Hon Shougi: Naitou 9 Dan Shougi Hiden NES Versions
2495 Hong Kong 97 SNES Versions