Game List

IdName SystemsActions
491 Rolan's Curse GB Versions
1987 Rolan's Curse II GB Versions
3413 Roller Coaster Tycoon Windows Versions
2229 Rollerblade Racer NES Versions
1455 RollerGames NES Versions
220 Rolling Thunder NES Versions
3794 Rolling Thunder 2 Genesis Versions
2885 Rolling Thunder 3 Genesis Versions
1279 Rolo to the Rescue Genesis Versions
2200 Romance of the Three Kingdoms II NES Versions
578 Romancing SaGa SNES Versions
696 Romancing SaGa 2 SNES Versions
708 Romancing SaGa 3 SNES Versions
3908 room10: HEART Flash Versions
3909 room11: Xmas Tree no Mieru Machiaishitsu Flash Versions
3910 room12: Medal 3-mai Flash Versions
3913 room13: choice Flash Versions
3914 room14: Suzuran Flash Versions
3915 room15: Shiroi Heya ni te Flash Versions
3916 room16: Alivio Flash Versions
3917 room17: Yuriisu no aru Heya Flash Versions
3918 room18: Yuki no Hi no Heya Flash Versions
3919 room19: antique green Flash Versions
3895 room1: Shuusaku — Hajimete Tsukutta Heya Flash Versions
3896 room2: TOY ROOM Flash Versions
3897 room3: SKI ROOM Flash Versions
3898 room4: Cafe Flash Versions
3901 room5: Ongakushitsu Flash Versions
3902 room6: Poohta Flash Versions
3903 room7: Aiiro Flash Versions
3904 room8: Canary Flash Versions
3907 room9: Autumn Flash Versions
3227 Rooms NES Versions
4077 Root Race C64 Versions
3991 Rose & Camellia Flash Versions
1017 Rosenkreuzstilette Windows Versions
2726 Royal Rescue C64 Versions
2882 RR64: Ridge Racer 64 N64 Versions
628 Rubik's World DS Versions
450 Run Saber SNES Versions
3384 Runabout PSX Versions
3161 Runabout 2 PSX Versions
3056 Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon DS Versions
3610 Ruruli Ra Rura PCFX Versions
47 Rush'n Attack NES Versions
29 Rygar NES Versions
3789 Rygar Arcade Versions
14 Ryssän Kauhu DOS Versions
1040 S3K: The Challenges Genesis Versions
1936 Sabre Wulf GBA Versions