Like last year, TASVideos has once again been invited to demonstrate at Awesome Games Done Quick. TASs using a TASBot will be shown at 2015-01-04 at 10:05 UTC. Also like last year, dwangoAC is organizing the TASs for the event. More information is available in our discussion thread and the official website for the event.
dwangoAC: As you may know, several years ago the folks over at SDA started a yearly charity marathon now known as Awesome Games Done Quick and AGDQ 2014 (which we participated in) raised more than $1 million in donations for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. As cancer claimed the lives of three of my grandparents when I was young I am motivated to support the AGDQ charity efforts any way I can. As part of this goal I've worked hard to organize the TASBot block for AGDQ 2015 (with massive amounts of help from people like Ilari, Masterjun, p4plus2, micro500, Weatherton, true, and a host of others) and I'm really proud of what we'll be able to show during our ~40 minute TASBot block on 2015-01-04 at 5:05 EST. One of my goals is to bring more attention to by demonstrating what the site has to offer and I think the runs we'll be showing should help with that. The runs include:
There are plenty of other interesting runs on the official AGDQ 2015 schedule that may be of interest.

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