AGDQ 2017 took place on January 8-15 and benefited the Prevent Cancer Foundation.
TASVideos was represented at Awesome GamesDoneQuick 2017 by dwangoAC, micro500, p4plus2, and others who attended on-site or contributed remotely. TASs using TASBot were shown on 2017-01-14. The planning and discussion thread has some historical information on what was planned.


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Leading up to the event (for purposes of contrast)

January 01Sunday175,969
January 02Monday172,762
January 03Tuesday167,776
January 04Wednesday170,644
January 05Thursday172,365
January 06Friday158,966
January 07Saturday168,411
January 08Sunday196,356
January 09Monday170,617
January 10Tuesday182,865
January 11Wednesday180,125
January 12Thursday157,988
January 13Friday158,741


January 14Saturday295,367 - Day of the Event
January 15Sunday251,853
January 16Monday246,756
January 17Tuesday237,584
January 18Wednesday191,964
January 19Thursday177,314
This is less than we saw last year, which had 646,529 for the day of and 279,734 for the day following.

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