Hi, I'm DarkKobold. I fill many aspects here at TASVideos.
First and foremost, I am a player at TASVideos. I enjoy the process of making a TAS, from the beginning discoveries, to the construction of scripts, to the final product. I started getting published runs as a one trick pony, doing only runs of Shining games. However, I have expanded to be a two trick pony, doing many multi-player arcade games.
Runs in Progress:
  • Final Fantasy VII
Runs in hiatus:
  • Turbografx16 Neutopia II
  • Arcade Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time (with Sonikkustar)
  • Arcade Sunset Riders (with Sonikkustar and ....)
  • NES Dragon Warrior 4 (with adelikat, in Chapter 2)
  • GBA Shining Soul I improvement (delayed indefinitely)
  • Genesis Shining Force CD (1/3rd done with Book 1)
  • PCECD Last Alert (w/ arukAdo)
  • PSX Arc the Lad II
  • PSX Final Fantasy VIII improvement
Runs I'd like to do:
  • Final Fantasy IX, X, X-2
  • Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones improvement (w/ Rolanmen1)
  • Shining Force III, Scenarios 1,2,3 (Need Lua in Yabause)
  • Shining Wisdom (Doesn't work in Yabause... but says supported?)
  • Shining the Holy Ark (See SF3)
  • Quest for Glory I & II
  • Gauntlet Legends
  • Burger King Pocket Bike Racer (Need an XBOX emu)
    • Seriously, this is one of my top ten favorite video games of all time. My buddy and I probably know more tricks and shortcuts in this advert-game, than anyone in the universe.
I have 17 published runs here.
On Thursday, October 28th, 2010, I was given the title high magistrate judge of the lily people, to rule over their shattered world with an iron fist. There, I enacted policies that made their lives a living nightmare of slavery and pain.
Ironically, on that day, I was also made a judge at TASVideos.org. I will fill in more once I've figured out how to be the most biased best judge I can be.
And doth DeHackithEd bring down from the heavens, a scripting language which becomith part of thyne emulators, and thus code shall flow freely through the wafers of the video game universe. And thy TASers shall have mighty TASes, for they have integrated with game, each running there own divine code.
Where to begin? Lua scripting is what makes me come back to TASVideos every day. I have done all of one TAS in the last five years that did not heavily rely on Lua. There is something irreplaceably exciting the first time a Lua script performs in a TAS the way you are hoping it will. Also, Lua gives a chance to achieve things in luck manipulation that would have nearly impossible before.
  • Finish the template scripts for the advanced luck manipulation page.
I try and keep the riff-raff out of the TASVideos forum. I enjoy researching the trolls, and trying to figure out who the bad eggs are. Also, I try and clean up double posts, and the normal housekeeping things required. Now, I just ask one thing, alright? Play friendly.
I started coding emulators, because there are so many runs I want to do that are held up by the current state of the emulators. While I never expect to be a coder at the level of zeromus, paul_t, or gocha, I hope to be able to contribute enough both to enable my own TASes, as well as help other TASers.
Things I'd like to accomplish:
  • Add re-recording and Lua to Mupen64plus
  • Add Lua to Yabause
  • Add re-recording to Stella
  • Make Mednafen work as a Game Gear Movie Maker, or make SMS/GGjin
In the vein of the CAD Forum Laws, I felt tasvideos needed its own set.
The WIP Law
There is a 50% chance that a WIP created for any game will be abandoned. If this WIP is of the first level, and uploaded to youtube, this increases to 90%.
The Randil Law
If there exists an NES game without a published run, any surprise submission of this game will be met with a TAS of the first level which is faster.
The Completist Law
Any time a 100% run is suggested for a game that does not directly track completion will result in a multi-page debate on what qualifies as 100%. This run will never actually be completed.
The Less Than 1% Travesty Law
Any extremely popular submission will accrue around 1% No votes of the total votes. These No Votes will have no effect on judging or publication; However, at least one user will suggest drastic measures, such as banning, mutilation, or death, to deal with the No Voters.
The Good Ol' Days Law
Any minor change to the site layout or mechanics will create great controversy, and a poll will be created to debate whether or not the change is a good idea. At least one user will threaten to quit over this change.
The Blank Screen Law
The longer a submission goes without a streaming encode, the less number of votes it will get. If any user posts a request for an encode, that submission has reached its limit, and will get less than ten votes before being judged.
The Encoder Babble Law
Any submission thread for a relatively-unknown game will consist of at least 30% posts from encoders on the status of encodes. If the workbench is full, this goes up to 70%.
The Every Nintendo Child is a Star Law
A submission featuring Mario, Samus, Mega Man, Link, or Sonic is guaranteed that at least one user will suggest it for a star, before it has even been published.
Feel free to suggest some!

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