Hello I am DarkShamilKhan. I am 18 years old at the time of writing this. I am a Male. I live in Pakistan, a country located in Asia. I like to TAS Sonic basically.


How did I started doing TASes?:

Now, I started TASing in January 2020 and I got inspired from TASing by 2 Well Known TASers (either from here or YouTube). Matheusbrancobus and Shiro Paradox (aka ParadaxeTH). These 2 were my main inspiration And soon more TASers were my inspiration to TAS!
I have a Passion of making Sonic Hacks due to well, I like it. I like both making hacks and TASing, but I like TASing more as it isn't a pain in the ass at times =P. My Discord is: DarkShamilKhan#4108 My second account, if I am not on my main: Dark Shamil Khan-alt#9116

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