You seem to have found my page. Here's what I was doing when I last edited it.
I'm currently maintaing grrl, a Linux port of most of nitsuja and Jyzero's rerecording and usability improvements to Gens. I'm also hoping to get Bisqwit's avi recording stuff not to segfault, but for now I'm content to avoid wine for my Pulseman tas.
I'm also working on an improvement of my low-glitch Pulseman tas. I thought it was pretty good before, but so far I've been able to improve every non-trivial area, usually by more than a second.
My text<->gmv conversion script lives here. I may add support for other movie formats and non-forum based documentation, but I'm happy with how things are and haven't seen much demand for change.
I've had a tas published. It lives here. Unfortunately I wasn't clever enough to check sda before making it, so I know there's at least one meaningful improvement possible. I also didn't make it with frame advance. I'd expect 2:40 to be possible, but probably not worthwhile.

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