I'm just a guy arranging bits in a sequence which could potentially amuse other people looking at these bits
So, I'm a TASer (also a person who really likes Lua scripting) who mainly TASed Super Mario World in the past but tends to try out other games as well.
I'm somewhat proud of my Super Mario World ACE, so this first section will be about ACE. The TAS programs games inside a game and then plays the games. ACE stands for Arbitrary Code Execution (I'm also happy that ACE became a valid abbreviation now :D). After doing that TAS I thought SMW couldn't be the only game where ACE is possible, and because of my love for the SNES I mainly specified in games on that console (but also because of the 8 arbitrary bytes in the controller registers).
So far, I've expanded the ACE principle to reach the credits as fast as possible to:
If you want to create your own ACE TASes I would suggest checking out the ACE How To.

Did you come to my user page so you can watch some ACE TASes?
Well, too bad... here, you can watch a time-lapse making-of:

(Link to video)

Now to some other stuff I can write here.
I started TASing back in January 2010 (wow a long time ago wut) and I TASed SMW for a long time. After 3 years I started TASing other games such as VVVVVV.
Meanwhile I learned how to properly figure out what happens when games glitch or even crash. With this knowledge I made some ACE runs that somehow became very popular. That's also when I somehow got the TASer of the year award twice.
Anyways then I had a pause in 2015 because of stuff... I guess.
And starting in 2016 I'm trying my best to do some entertaining runs again, even if they are not necessarily glitchy. For this I started doing a TAS of Battle Kid 2 which is currently a WIP and also on hold.

Also I was a judge since November 2016, and I quit at the end of 2019 to focus on other stuff.

List of people to consult when a netsplit is too close for comfort

Hahahahaha~ I did not listen the mistake! Knock down me? Do you think you and do and get? Go to die!

Shoutouts to tree face dude.
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