I originally thought some kind of show case publication system would be good for our site. However, after a lot more thought on this subject, I am withdrawing my support for the concept. I will leave this page up for historical reasons.
I liked this idea at first due to being able to demonstrate new and interesting (to me) kinds of material. Although, upon further reflection, I think my support was in a large part biased due to being a programmer and enjoying programming challenges, as well as being personally involved in technically impressive material some of our skilled site members were putting together.
As I've been reviewing feedback from those less skilled than I, I've come to realize how far my personal viewpoint was from our average viewers. Most regular viewers do not care that we did something technically impressive, nor the effort involved. As more of our technically oriented users made posts pushing for this kind of material, the more it became apparent to me how divorced their goals were with the rest of the site and our publication system. Each new post arguing for such a concept highlighted to me more and more reasons why the aims and reasons of these users did not mesh with what publications are supposed to be about, and what the site rules for publications aim to accomplish.
Doing something difficult and novel programming-wise with a game is not a substitution for entertainment. Certainly not for the average viewer. Overcoming these kinds of limitations and providing a variety of material in this regard is endless. The fact no one asides myself even attempted to put any effort into classifying these kind of programming projects in some way has enlightened me as to the futility to try to shove such projects into our publication system.
Regarding showing off this material, we certainly will continue to do so. Our game resources pages are a fine place to show off new techniques. Users' personal pages and userfiles can host material for these users' personal vanity projects. These projects can be discussed in our forum. Technically impressive stuff shown off at live events or as part of noteworthy media can be published in our YouTube channel. I just do not see any place for them within the publication system proper.

Staging for a tier (or multiple tiers) to allow inclusion of technical showcases, but exclude subpar material.

The Technical Showcases tier at TASVideos focuses exclusively on collecting runs designed to showcase technical novelties one can do with video games. This tier aims to collect important technical runs which due to the nature of external limitations prevent or detract from these runs as being viewed as speedruns or superplays throughout.


Technical requirements

The run must accomplish at least one of the following:

Entertainment requirements

Speed requirements

Goal choice


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