I'm ledauphinbenoit and I am a publisher here on tasvideos. I've been coming to this site since the fall of 2003 when I first watched Morimoto's SMB3 TAS and thought it was real. However, it was only recently that I got involved with encoding/publishing work. I live in Dayton, OH.

Dragon Quest

I'm a big Dragon Quest fan and when I'm not here I'm usually working on which is the Dragon Quest Wiki where I am an admin. Editing here is a bit confusing for me because I am so used to Mediawiki. Part of my interest in encoding comes from the Dragon Quest videos I have on my YouTube channel.

Favorite TASes


I once started a TAS of Tinstar, but gave it up because the game was too long and boring. A later submission by someone else was rejected; although I think mine would have been more entertaining than it. I also helped out with some early testing on Dragon Warrior III. I won't say I won't ever TAS again, but there are so many other things I prefer to do instead.

General Gaming

I had only ever owned Nintendo systems until I bought a used Xbox in 2004. I mainly play Dragon Quest and Nintendo first party titles.

Other interests

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