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I am currently working on several projects, all of which are on the Nintendo 64. My main focus is Star Fox 64, Sin and Punishment and Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth, all of which are shooters (Star Soldier is a vertical-scrolling shmup).
Here is the data I've compiled for these games: (in order of my priority)
--Planet Walkthrough--
Corneria (345)
Finished! The checkpoint bomb has been skipped, since it requires a death and would eat time/stop the flow. A demo run of Corneria can be done to prove a full potential score run, but this will be done separately.
Sector Y (?)
At the beginning. I did not shoot down Falco, but will redo Corneria to ensure he gets shot down if he kill-steals.
Movie file here
AVI Not Current
YouTube here
nangosan's Corneria Expert run
Status: At the start of Sector Y. Treading softly..
--Difficulty Differences--
Easy Mode: Your weapon is maxed at the highest level with more weapon and ExArm powerups are available.
Normal Mode: Start off with your regular weapon, not much to really say here.
Maniac Mode: Start off with your regular weapon, but it takes longer to power I think. Enemies will also shoot more bullets at you.
--Mission Walkthrough--
Mission 1 - Rumbling
Currently a little more than 1/5th the way through. About a 50k point lead at the moment.
--Scoring System--
Item bonus = 10,000
Simultaneous bonus = 10,000 (This only seems to occur if you destroy two launchers before they fire their second volley of lasers)
Player Remaining * 500,000
ExArms Remaining * 1,000,000
Rolling Bonus * 10,000
Attack Bonus * 1,000
Enemy MaxHit Bonus * 1,000
Boss MaxHit Bonus * 1,000
Clear Bonus Total = ??
TODO: Find how much each extra hit is worth in a chain.
There are two modes in this game: Easy and Normal, with Hard being offered after you beat the game. I'm going with Normal because there's more enemies, but I'm not quite sure what the differences are between the two besides that.
Scoring System is.. somewhat confusing :(
It seems to go by 100 points per hit. On the very first hit, you get -2 on this 100 bonus. The hit you get after that is -1, the third hit is +0, and the fourth is +1, and every hit after that adds 1 to the 100 bonus.
score per hit = 100+(-2+n) where n equals the number of hits you've landed in the level.
Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth
Secret Mission 1: Destruction In Mission 2: Corrosion, you'll see 5 floating towers after shooting down the first big door inside the base. Shoot the blue towers down first, then finish with the red one, and you'll open a tunnel that will take you to Secret Mission 1.
Secret Mission 2: Scars A little ways into Mission 3: Invaded, a group of blue ships are lined up in front of a red one. Destroy only the red ship and you'll fly over the space station and enter Secret Mission 2.
Secret Mission 3: Reminiscence Just before entering the canyon in Mission 4: Pursuit, 4 blue ships will come up on you, and then 4 red ones will line up behind those. Destroy only the red ones and you will change course and veer into the canyon, warping to Secret Mission 3.

Star Fox 64
  • Completed!
Sector Y
  • In the Japanese version (Expert mode) there are three more enemies than the USA/PAL version.
Area 6
Venom II
  • Japanese version has one less enemy (Expert mode) than the USA/PAL version.
Sector X

Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth

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