I have been a speedrunner since 2020 when i first started watching runs of Sled Storm by Gawrit. I have been a TASer since ~2021 after Gawrit asked what a Sled Storm TAS could look like, so i decided to become a TASer. Making a TAS has always been interesting to me because of the many things you could do, the many ways you could express yourself through a video. I am mostly against speedrunning, because games are meant to be enjoyed casually. I am also against making TAS, unless they are speedgames that have a built in ingame timer. If the game has a glitch or exploit that makes the game more enjoyable to watch im all up for it.
I am more focused on games that could have a lot of playaround in it.
Games im working on right now/in the future (PS1): Sled Storm Handling TAS, Dodgem Arena Playaround, Action Man: Operation Extreme, Granyuu Shima Daibouken, (Pop'n Tanks?)
Dodgem Arena can be beaten, just really difficult : D

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