Common Fantasy RPG Words / Kanji

Motivation for this document will be a reference for players interested in Japanese RPGs. Several basic character statistics not found in common dictionaries that are used through many JRPG. This document will attempt to assist someone not that well versed in Japanese in this pursuit. I have attempted to also include unusual names/characteristics since those will not have any easily accessible definition. Note that this document is incomplete, but contains many common "races", and attempts to present a good reference for "magic" elements and character classes.
Keep in mind that many games already have an English translation.

Common Races


Final Fantasy and Pokemon Types Cover Most In no particular order atm.

Common Color Types

Classes / Jobs

Final Fantasy games as a whole have a massive amount which should cover most common cases. Even in the same game a word that an English speaker would consider to be the same is often treated as a different class/job.
Went through the following page:ジョブ FF, DMM, LogRogue, Shining Force
FF12 job names are unusual.

Common Modifiers

In many rpg type games there are several "base" classes that seem to be quite common and then there are many things just tacked on. Ex: 騎士 is a common class in many games. To make a class more unique or specialized games will tack on various modifiers. Besides some extremely common classes that are understood as unique "Blue Mage" "Dragon Knight", I have tried to place most common modifiers in this section due to this list becoming excessively long. For Mages I left most in tact, since those can denote specialist classes, also the Mage classes in Japanese can be difficult to match to an English class. The main modifiers are "ranking" words, races, weapons, colors, and elements.
<All the "elements" and "colors" from above could potentially be in the class name>.
Examples of Classes With Lots of "Modifiers"


Common Stats

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