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If you have a published movie (whether current or obsolete), you will get a Player rank. Which Player rank you get depends on your currently published movies and their rating.
The formula for a player's score
Each player will get a score Z, which is determined by summing player point contributions from individual movies (Z_movie):

Player ranks

Your value for Z determines your Player rank:
Player rankZ
Former playerZ<1
Active player250≤Z<500
Experienced player500≤Z<1000
Skilled player1000≤Z<2000
Expert playerZ≥2000
Note that your score for obsoleted movies is multiplied by a very small number. This way, they don't count towards your score, but they do keep your score non-zero, which means that people who had all of their movies obsoleted will get the Former player rank.
Your score is displayed after your player rank (for example, if you see "Player (146)", your score is 146) and in your forum profile.

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