Wisdom is balance, between the extremes.
Between complexity and simplicity.
Between easy and hard.
Between sadness and joy.
Between desire and need.
Between focus and abstraction.
Between balance and chaos.
If something is excessive, it's limiting. It's taking a single part of reality and blowing it out of proportion, while other aspects are ignored. It's trying to replace a whole with a part. It's unnatural and counter-productive.
So if some extreme is already there, it's always a good idea to explore its opposite, and if it's underdeveloped, to help it thrive. And not for the sake of making it an absolute replacement, but so both co-exist and work together.
The opposite extremes are also frequently seen as conflicting forces that try to destroy each other. But in that case the conflict is assigned absolute value, so it also needs to be balanced out by exploring what unites those two opposites.
Therefore it's paradoxical how a high level union can be established if there is some fundamental agreement about conflict resolution. And if such a union is based on ignoring the conflicts, one part of the union absorbs the other, or they just fall apart. There's a ton of examples in politics: in how regimes are organized and how stable and productive they are. Constantly resolving conflicts is hard, but keeping the system alive is hard too, and it's worth the effort if done right!
If both sides try to turn each other into their respective absolute, that also doesn't work due to common limitations: the system grows in size, but doesn't have enough adaptability in the outer world to keep evolving. To keep evolving and emerging, they require some common ideal that supersedes each of them and both of them.
Defining or discovering such an ideal is not easy, and living by it is also hard. But most importantly, there's no way to define it once and for all, because everyone has unique traits and life experience. Such an ideal is being gradually figured out as one lives. But trying to find it usually helps to find it sooner. And it can very often be found if you start looking in the less obvious.
When different actors have agreed about their common ideal that is greater than them, they reach peace within common work for that ideal, because it allows them to remain fair and collected. But what they discover in practice is that the ideal's entire purpose is working for them instead. And they will only be able to withstand the overwhelming positivity of the resulting effect, if they learn to prioritize themselves less, to be more real about their own importance.
Synergy is power. Sovereignty is a lie. The more dependencies you embrace, the more balanced you are, because your distributed dependencies are your safety net. On the other hand though, you should not delegate your decisions to others, but to include their priorities into your decisions. That's wisdom.

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