This page lists movies that have been submitted for review.
Some of them will eventually end up on the movies page, while some of them will not make it.
Submitted movies can be published by certain people.

SystemGameBranchTimeByDate Status
PSX Street Fighter: The Movie Playaround 27:56.69 Lars_Hendrick 10/4/2015 Rejected
Arcade Street Fighter III: New Generation Playaround 09:39.38 Lars_Hendrick 11/1/2015 Rejected
Arcade Street Fighter III 2nd Impact: Giant Attack Superplay 15:55.00 Lars_Hendrick 11/12/2015 Cancelled
Genesis Road Rash 3 1:53:43.79 Lars_Hendrick 1/11/2016 Rejected
SG1000 Dragon Wang 09:12.68 Lars_Hendrick 2/6/2016 Cancelled
Genesis Clue 00:27.82 Lars_Hendrick 7/15/2016 Cancelled
Genesis Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy playaround 17:45.84 Lars_Hendrick 7/17/2023 Published (Alternative)
GC Bad Boys: Miami Takedown 25:55.00 Lars_Hendrick 2/7/2024 Published
GC TimeSplitters: Future Perfect 1:17:09.53 Lars_Hendrick 5/11/2024 Published
GC Die Hard: Vendetta Hard any% 44:49.60 Lars_Hendrick 8 days ago New
GBA Santa Claus Saves the Earth 30:07.51 Lars_Hendrick & Ready_Steady_Yeti 5 days ago New
GC Def Jam: Fight for New York Hard any% 1:46:29.58 Lars_Hendrick 2 days ago New
(Available for judging in 6 hours)