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#31775973508301908 - justice league task force wip WW2

In 05:05.63 (18368 frames), 1606 rerecords
12179 views, 498 downloads
Uploaded 6/23/2016 12:32 AM by KusogeMan (127 files)
16439-ww1 start 16530-perfect limit
16525-airstuffed after teleport weak,(pressing up makes immune to throw)since divekicks don't give me a ground punish opportunity and WW was taking too long to do the divekick in all distances 16962/63-jump punch mash,whiffed jumppunch,teleport and run didn't manipulate WW to take the damage,different timings for the punch will give different rng and the 63 ko made WW divekick really fast on round 2
17887-ww2start better rng,ironically getting close didn't start the divekick earlier 17978-perfect limit 18368-ww2 ko

#31755774278075324 - justice league task force wip arrow2

In 04:33.51 (16438 frames), 1379 rerecords
12080 views, 490 downloads
Uploaded 6/22/2016 2:42 AM by KusogeMan (127 files)
manipulated the arrow1 ending,(optimal would be teleportLK mash punch as finisher,i saved a separate movie for it)i spent 12 frames to make sure i could get another ice arrow,,the best projectile possible,less frames wasted resulted in continual bad rng(bad special moves and combo opportunity,the worst is the diagonal explosive arrow,which happened a lot and also the dash ahead for no reason,the dash took more than 12 frames without causing damage)

#31748770422452355 - death and death again of superman

In 03:36.06 (12985 frames), 1109 rerecords
12191 views, 499 downloads
Uploaded 6/21/2016 7:07 PM by KusogeMan (127 files)
round 2 done,i got a really good setup in the start of the round with almost no loss,being able to punish the enemy on the floor is very lucky

#31716594434521428 - justice league task force wip bat2 dead in the usa

In 02:40.05 (9619 frames), 840 rerecords
12177 views, 503 downloads
Uploaded 6/20/2016 8:21 AM by KusogeMan (127 files)
i complain and i get this perfect setting,maybe i should complain more in the forums

#31644182765605408 - justice league task force wip bat1

In 02:04.96 (7510 frames), 534 rerecords
12245 views, 495 downloads
Uploaded 6/17/2016 2:05 AM by KusogeMan (127 files)
6248-start bat1 6339-limit to taking damage being faster 6298-recover from blockproject,no combo opportunity 6367-optimized shoryuken 6764-whiffed punch finisher,if i jumped earlier would be blocked,just mash punch would be blocked too 6818-attempt to kick shoryuken finisher

#31638934915497987 - justice league task force wip aqua2

In 01:20.70 (4850 frames), 382 rerecords
12227 views, 490 downloads
Uploaded 6/16/2016 8:24 PM by KusogeMan (127 files)
4716-finish aqua2,other attemps were xx23,25, i saved frames even on jump ins

#31637442111586006 - justice league task force wip aqua1 usa

In 01:08.78 (4134 frames), 240 rerecords
12133 views, 491 downloads
Uploaded 6/16/2016 6:48 PM by KusogeMan (127 files)
2881-start 2934-recover after dash and block 3350-finish aqua1

#31526714493965415 -

In 07:44.68 (27927 frames), 2823 rerecords
12299 views, 518 downloads
Uploaded 6/11/2016 7:07 PM by KusogeMan (127 files)
flash1 had the ending needing manipulation,it varied to 2 or 4 frames later of KO timing,couldn't get any lower than that.flash2 is not giving a decent combo opportunity,will try later.

#31522330350064418 - justice league task force wip cheetah battle start

In 06:22.55 (22991 frames), 2580 rerecords
12183 views, 472 downloads
Uploaded 6/11/2016 2:23 PM by KusogeMan (127 files)
despero and green arrow done,green arrow was easy as hell,his freezing projectile has low blockstun,the other proj. could have destroyed the round easily

#31442636078829420 - justice league batman done 2 wip

In 04:21.07 (15690 frames), 2274 rerecords
12237 views, 483 downloads
Uploaded 6/8/2016 12:14 AM by KusogeMan (127 files)
11645-death by teleportweak and missedpunch mashpunch,i couldn't whiff any other punch or he would have blocked,i would like to know more about this rng,but apparently it is connected to doing a special move in the start of the stun animation what causes the enemy to block.
blockin a laser has so much blockstun i prefered to get HardPunched in the faced at the start of the round,i even walked forward a few frames to manipulate the laser but still it's too much. 13176-first frame after "fight" 13267-perfect limit
hard kick barely hit batman,getting hit from that shitty but elusive special kick from batman was the best compared to normals that would put me out of combo range,a projectile,special moves who don't put batman outsite of combo range and take time to execute(downward kick and batgrapple)
13695-walk back jump whiff punch mashpunch KO,had to optimize a lot because jumpin at different times gave different ko frames,jumpin just a little later than asap was the best,it could vary from 10 to 20 frames more!
14590-first frame 14681-perfect limit(taking damage and recovering from it until this frame saves time)
15112-whiffed jump punch mashpunch KO,got 1 to 8 frames higher with other jump timings,whiffin normals on the floor and other actions didn't stop batman from blocking
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