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#11793029808745208 - Genesis Pu7o's Tails Sonic the Hedgehog TAS, WIP up to SBZ1

In 11:27.29 (41184 frames), 46600 rerecords
Uploaded 1/5/2014 2:01 AM by marzojr (see all 4)
Inspired by kiskev's movie, I decided to put this together. Differences from the published run:
LevelNew timeOld timeImprovementComments
Green Hill 30:27::340:28::15-41New route
Marble 20:10::570:14::19-202Using Sonic's level wrap
Marble 30:25::560:27::08-72Using Sonic's level wrap
Labyrinth 10:10::510:24::39-828New level wrap
Labyrinth 20:21::140:24::08-174New zip
Labyrinth 30:17::480:26::47-539New level wrap
Star Light 10:13::250:17::12-227Using Sonic's level wrap
Star Light 30:23::440:24::18-34Breaking a loop, better boss fight
The run is up to SBZ2; so far I have been unable to replicate Sonic's zip through the level, and I have also been unable to fall through the ceiling at the end of level to use the level wrap. FZ can also be improved by using Aglar's pause trick.