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#1879834403753105 - F-Zero X, Time-Trial

Lord Tom FZeroX 10-15.m64
In 03:44.55 (13473 frames), 39484 rerecords
Game: F-Zero X (N64)
11354 views, 1283 downloads
Uploaded 10/15/2012 3:22 PM by Lord Tom (5 files)
I've been working on this off and on for the past two years, trying to make time-trial TAS's of each track. Well, there are 24 tracks and each one so far has taken 20-40 hours, so not likely I'll ever finish, but I'd hope to get some interest for a Jack Cup run, individual level table or some such since it's quite a great game.
Currently, I finish the first 2 tracks, and 2/3 laps of the third. Thanks to WMJ and all the rest at mrfixitonline for help and strats!