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#20551259081411075 - DTC5 Compilation v5

In 13:09.78 (47465 frames), 88034 rerecords
Game: Metal Force (NES)
11777 views, 1173 downloads
Uploaded 2/3/2015 12:19 PM by MESHUGGAH (292 files)
Synced up to mission6 start, 56 frames faster compared to AAA.
Comparing to CompV4
  • Added SAC (Team 2)'s route of Mission 5 Room 1 and Room 2. Somewhat changed input parts because they used boomerang so I had to resync to avoid getting lag frames, different shooting etc. Saved 4 frames compared to AAA (1-1 frames compared to SAC)
  • Added 1 frame delay at M5R2 final ladder to match with AAA's Mission 5 Room 3 speed cycle. M5R3 is 1 frame faster than SAC, 1 frame slower than AAA (need more tests to see if it's possible without this additional 1 frame delay).