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#21849958098105961 - Mega Man ZX RNG Lua

Mega Man ZX RNG.lua
Game: Mega Man ZX
9068 views, 1031 downloads
Uploaded 4/3/2015 12:01 AM by ALAKTORN (34 files)
Bug fixes.
“Added an experimental automated ROM version detection system. Compatible with USA, JPN, and EUR. Also added an input toggle for 3 different modes (as suggested by Flameberger), it defaults to key “D”, but you can change it to whatever you want, it’s the very first function in the script (writing “tab” makes it work with the Tab key). The current mode is written on the bottom screen. The modes are: Complete, Moderate, and Nothing. Complete writes all advances, Moderate only those bigger than 1 step, Nothing writes none. Feedback, error reports, feature requests and such all appreciated.”