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#29683289569722926 - Scooby-Doo 2 Addresses

Uploaded 3/20/2016 6:39 PM by Niamek (see all 4)
So here is the current watch I have. It's incomplete since I found more addresses than that and lost them because of a bug, but I've saved them in my lua script. The only important missing address is the invicibility timer.
But I believe that with that I'm good to go.
SystemID GBA
16B9	w	s	0	IWRAM	X
16BD	w	s	0	IWRAM	Y
6821	b	u	0	IWRAM	HP
173A	b	u	0	IWRAM	invicibility timer
16B8	b	u	0	IWRAM	Sub X
16B8	d	s	0	IWRAM	Sub X( raw)
16C8	d	s	0	IWRAM	X Speed
09D1	w	u	0	IWRAM	X cam
09D5	b	u	0	IWRAM	Y cam
16BC	b	s	0	IWRAM	subY
16CC	d	s	0	IWRAM	Y speed
2DC4	d	s	0	IWRAM	Enemy 1 X
2DC8	d	s	0	IWRAM	Enemy 1 Y
0	S	_	1		
2EBC	d	s	0	IWRAM	Enemy X speed
2E9C	d	s	0	IWRAM	Enemy 2 X
0	S	_	1