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#40439665582636479 - VB Teleroboxer wip2

In 03:09.91 (9548 frames), 4594 rerecords
Game: Teleroboxer ( Vboy, see all files )
Uploaded 7/18/2017 4:39 AM by MESHUGGAH (see all 292)
  • Movie aims for fastest input (in-game time ignored as enemy post behaviour need to be optimized)
  • Most of the levels uses Ryuto's strategies
  • lvl3 I do an alternative version because it's impossible to do the single punches in a row and then the uppercuts because of the enemy behaviour (which would save 0.10~0.16 in game time)
  • lvl4 final crotch shot is faster than simple punch, 7.50 vs 6.90 (and faster animation)
only first 5 enemies done